The Effects Acute Exercise has on MDSC Levels

Can exercising effect tumor size?


Exercising has many health benefits, but one of the benefits many don't think about is how exercise can effect cancer and tumor growth. This paper will dive into how exercise can effect cancer in the body, more specifically how exercise can influence myeloid derived suppressor cells. Myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSC) are apart of the immune system and is one of the key factors to stopping lymphocytes, specifically natural killer cells from attacking the body and attacking vital cells. For the duration of this study, a group of balb/c mice were divided into two groups and studied based on the independent variable. This is a study on how exercise can effect MDSCs and how that can translate to tumor size and how fast or slow metstastation occurs. An experiment was conducted to come to the findings of this research. 


I would like to thank everyone involved with the Frontiers of Science Institute program for allowing me to learn valuable information this summer and meet amazing people. This has been an amazing experience and holds great value to not only me but to my family as well.

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